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What is the most common type of spyware?

There are many types of spyware, but the most common type is adware. Adware is software that collects information about a user’s online activities and displays ads based on that information. It can be difficult to remove, and it can slow down your computer.

How does spyware typically enter a computer?

There are a few ways that spyware can enter a computer, the most common being through email attachments, downloading infected files from the internet, or by clicking on malicious links.

Email attachments are a common way for spyware to enter a computer because they can be sent from anyone and often go unnoticed. Many people don’t think twice about opening an attachment from a friend or family member, but these attachments can be infected with spyware. Once the attachment is opened, the spyware will install itself on the computer and can start monitoring activity.

Another way spyware can enter a computer is by downloading infected files from the internet. This can happen if you download a program from an untrustworthy source or if you click on a malicious link. Once the file is downloaded, the spyware will install itself on your computer.

Lastly, clicking on malicious links is another common way for spyware to enter a computer. These links can be in an email, on a website, or in an instant message. If you click on the link, it will take you to a website that will install the spyware on your computer.

Spyware is a serious threat to your personal information and privacy. If you think your computer may be infected with spyware, it’s important to run a security scan and remove the spyware as soon as possible.

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