What fetishes are commonly explored as part of Femdom footslave play?

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As with any fetish, Femdom footslave play encompasses many different areas of kink and can be as varied as the individual participants who explore it. Generally, a Femdom footslave is someone who enjoys activities which involve worshipping the feet and shoes of a dominant partner—often their Mistress.

A classic starting point in this area of fetish play is the act of foot worship. Here, the submissive partner will express adoration and affection for their Mistress’s feet in various ways. This could include kissing, licking, massaging, and generally exploring the feet with their hands. For some, foot worship may extend to sniffing and even tasting the feet or shoes of the Mistress.

The next step beyond foot worship is often the idea of using feet in a more sadistic way. A Mistress may enjoy using her feet to spank her slave for pleasure and discipline, as well as lace her feet around their neck or carry them around in a semi-torturous fashion. Some submissives derive intense pleasure from this type of humiliation and being used as a footrest.

The submissive may also be given opportunities to show his respect and affection for his Mistress through the buying of shoes, an activity commonly referred to as the ‘shoe game’. Here, they are given permission to purchase shoes that are suitable for their Mistress and put them on her feet as an expression of devotion.

Additionally, your fetish may involve the worshipping of shoes without any physical contact. In this scenario, the submissive partner admires their Mistress’s choice of footwear from a distance, or even roleplays wearing the shoes in place of their partner.

Finally, the lifestyle of Femdom footslave play may also include the body worship aspect. Submissive partners will happily and adoringly massage their Mistress’s legs and spend time kissing and licking her feet and ankles. They may also perform duties such as cleaning and polishing their Mistress’s shoes, which can help facilitate a further deepening of trust and intimacy between them.

Whilst this provides a brief overview of the most commonly explored Fetishes as part of Femdom footslave play, in reality, these activities can look very different for each couple, as they are based on individual desires and expectations. Whatever form their fetish takes, it is integral to the experience that both partners feel respected, safe, and fulfilled in their play. Click here for more.

Are there any fees associated with using a kinky dating site?

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As with any kind of online dating service, there may be fees associated with using a kinky dating site. While some sites may require a membership fee or other costs, it is important to understand why fees may be necessary and what kind of benefits those fees can provide.

Unlike traditional dating sites, Kinky Dating Sites often have a variety of additional features that may require payment in order to use. For example, most sites will offer specific search tools that allow users to narrow their search for a compatible partner. These tools can be incredibly helpful in finding exactly what you’re looking for, but may not be available to free users. Similarly, while free users can access basic information about other members, upgraded members may be given access to detailed information that can help in finding the perfect match.

While there are costs associated with these upgrades, a kinky dating site may provide added value in the form of safety and privacy. These sites often employ strict safety protocols, and upgraded members may be given access to a more secure site experience. Additionally, privacy measures may also be in place, so members can rest assured that their personal information is not being shared.

Finally, Kinky Dating Sites also cover the cost of running and maintaining the site. This includes the cost of operating the site’s server, maintaining up-to-date content, and providing customer service and other support. These costs are typically covered by the membership fees, so free users may not be able access the same level of support as upgraded members.

In conclusion, there may be associated fees with using a kinky dating site. While the fees may seem like a hindrance, it’s important to recognize the benefit they can provide in the form of added security and additional features. Additionally, profits from the fees support the site itself, which is integral to the community. All things considered, the fees are a worthwhile investment for those seeking a safe and secure kinky dating experience.

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