How do kik mistresses handle subs who become too attached?

How do kik mistresses handle subs who become too attached?

As a Kik mistress, one of the biggest challenges you might encounter is dealing with subs who become too attached. It’s a delicate situation that needs to be handled tactfully, as the last thing you want is to hurt someone or cause any emotional distress. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Kik mistresses handle subs who become too attached and provide tips on managing such situations.

Understand the Sub’s Feelings

The first step in handling a sub who has become too attached is to understand their feelings. A sub may feel attached to their mistress due to a variety of reasons, including the emotional connection they have established, the trust they have in their mistress, and the sense of security they get from their relationship. The worst thing you can do is ignore or belittle their feelings, so it’s important to approach the situation with empathy and understanding.

Communication is Key

Communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and this also applies to a Kik mistress and her sub. As a Kik mistress, you need to be clear about the boundaries of your relationship and what you expect from your sub. It’s important to set expectations and boundaries from the outset of your relationship to avoid any confusion. You also need to communicate regularly with your sub and provide feedback on their behavior.

Be Firm but Gentle

When handling a sub who has become too attached, it’s important to be firm but gentle. You need to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable and that you need to maintain a professional relationship. At the same time, you need to be gentle in your approach and not hurt their feelings. Let them know that you appreciate their loyalty and commitment but that you need to remain professional at all times.

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

One of the biggest mistakes that Kik mistresses make is making promises they can’t keep. If a sub becomes too attached, they might expect more from their mistress than what is realistic or acceptable. It’s important not to make promises that you can’t keep, as this can lead to disappointment and hurt feelings. Be honest and upfront with your sub about what you can and can’t provide in your relationship.

Encourage Independence

If a sub becomes too attached, it’s usually because they have become too reliant on their mistress. You can help them by encouraging independence and giving them the tools they need to break free from their attachment. Encourage them to pursue other interests and relationships, and encourage them to seek out other communities and forums where they can connect with like-minded individuals.


Handling subs who become too attached can be a challenging task for any Kik mistress. However, with the right approach, it’s possible to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with your sub. Remember to be empathetic, communicate regularly, be firm but gentle, avoid making promises you can’t keep, and encourage your sub to be independent. By following these tips, you’ll be able to handle the situation effectively and maintain a positive relationship with your sub. Visit Them

What is the typical dynamic between a kik mistress and her sub?

Kik Mistress and Her Submissive: Understanding the Typical Dynamic

In the world of BDSM, the digital age has brought forth a new way of engaging in power dynamics and kinky play. Online platforms such as Kik have become a popular venue for dominants and submissives alike to connect and explore their desires. Kik allows virtual relationships to unfold, and a Kik Mistress and her Submissive can engage in various forms of domination and submission from a distance. Understanding the typical dynamic between a Kik Mistress and her sub can help us delve deeper into the world of online BDSM.

Who is a Kik Mistress?

A Kik Mistress is a dominant female who uses the Kik app as a tool to control and dominate her submissives. She may engage in frequently communicating with her sub, assigning tasks or assignments, and setting specific rules and boundaries. This is a consensual power dynamic, and both parties agree to these set terms even though they may not meet in person.


Communication is the backbone of any BDSM relationship, whether it is online or offline. A Kik Mistress and her sub communicate through text messages or voice notes on Kik. The Kik Mistress, being the dominant, would initiate communication. She would decide on the frequency and communication mode, keeping in mind the sub’s individual preferences and consent.


The Kik Mistress may assign her sub tasks or assignments that align with her sub’s kinks or fetishes or are meant to push the sub outside of their comfort zone. These tasks may be simple or complex and may pertain to a physical or mental challenge. For example, the Kik Mistress may instruct her sub to perform specific rituals or complete a task involving a fetish.

Rules and Boundaries

It is essential to establish rules and boundaries in any BDSM relationship, and the same holds for a Kik Mistress and her sub. The Kik Mistress sets clear expectations and boundaries from the beginning, ensuring there is mutual understanding and consent. The Kik Mistress may utilize tools such as emojis or keywords to establish limits and boundaries on Kik. As trust builds, they may contain sexual content and imagery.

Control and Dominance

The Kik Mistress has complete control over her sub, even though they are not physically present. This control may be exerted through tasks, messaging frequency, setting rules, or even withholding tasks/communication. The sub gives up their power and control and becomes obedient to the Kik Mistress’ will. The Kik Mistress, in turn, has the responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of her submissive.


A Kik Mistress and her Submissive is one of the many BDSM relationships that operate online. The power dynamic and control between the Kik Mistress and her sub are established through frequent communication, tasks, and boundaries. The typical dynamic is consensual and follows the set terms and agreements. Both parties involved enjoy this risk-free method of exploring BDSM without needing to meet in person. The Kik Mistress and her sub create their niche in the BDSM world, fulfilling their desires and needs without ever leaving their home.
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