mulled wine recipe

What are the origins of mulled wine?

Mulled wine has been around for centuries, with its origins dating back to the Romans. The Roman emperor, Nero, is said to have invented it, and it was popularized throughout the empire. The word “mulled” comes from the Latin word for “mixed,” and mulled wine is made by heating up wine or cider with spices and sugar. It was a popular winter drink in medieval England, and today it is enjoyed around the world during the festive season. There are many different recipes for mulled wine, with variations depending on the region and the preferences of the person making it. But the basic ingredients are always the same: wine or cider, sugar, spices, and sometimes citrus fruits. cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg are some of the most common spices used. Mulled wine is traditionally served in a mug or bowl, and it is often garnished with a cinnamon stick or orange slice.

What is the difference between mulled wine and spiked cider?

Mulled wine is a type of wine that has been heated and spiced. Spiked cider is a type of cider that has been mixed with alcohol.

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