femdom sexchat

What are the most popular femdom sexchat fantasies?

There’s no single answer to this question because people’s individual fantasies vary greatly. However, some of the most popular femdom sexchat fantasies involve dominating and humiliating submissive men. For example, many women enjoy ordering their submissive male partners to perform humiliating tasks such as cleaning their house or yard wearing nothing but a diaper. Others enjoy verbally humiliating and emasculating their partners, or making them wear feminine clothing. Some women even enjoy physically punishing their submissive partners, administerin Original source

What are the different positions in femdom sexchat?

In a femdom sex chat room, there are typically three different types of positions that participants can take. The first is the submissive position, which is typically occupied by those who enjoy being dominated and controlled. The second is the dominant position, which is usually occupied by those who enjoy being in control and dominating their chat partner. The third is the switch position, which is occupied by those who enjoy both dominating and being dominated.

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