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What is Mistress Camilia’s favorite thing to do with her slaves?

There is nothing that Mistress Camilia enjoys more than having her slaves at her complete and utter mercy. She loves to see them squirm and beg for mercy, especially when she is inflicting pain upon them. When it comes to her favorite thing to do with her slaves, it is a tie between two things: torture and humiliation.

Torture, for Mistress Camilia, is the ultimate way to show her complete dominance over her slaves. She takes great pleasure in making them suffer, whether it is through physical pain or mental anguish. She knows exactly how to push their buttons and make them scream for mercy. And she loves every second of it.

Humiliation is also a favorite pastime of Mistress Camilia’s. She loves to see her slaves grovel and debase themselves before her. She gets a kick out of having them perform degrading tasks or act out degrading fantasies for her amusement. Sometimes she will even make them dress up in embarrassing or humiliating outfits for her amusement. No matter what it is, if it embarrasses or humiliates her slaves, Mistress Camilia is sure to love it.

What is a day in the life of Mistress Camille like?

A typical day in the life of Mistress Camille begins with a morning cup of coffee and some time spent checking her email and social media accounts. She then heads to her dungeon, where she spends a few hours working with her clients. In the afternoon, she may do some shopping or run errands, and in the evening she typically relaxes at home with a book or television.

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