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What kind of things do dominatrixes do on webcam?

There is no one answer to this question, as every dominatrix has different methods, techniques, and styles. However, some of the more common activities that dominatrixes engage in on webcam include spanking, bondage, role-playing, verbal humiliation, and financial domination. Each dominatrix has her own unique way of running her sessions, so it is best to do some research on the individual dominatrix you are interested in before booking a session. That way, you can be sure that she will be able to provide the type of experience you are looking for.

What are the different types of domination that can be performed on webcam?
What are the different types of humiliation that can be performed on webcam?
What are the different types of fantasies that can be fulfilled on webcam?
What are the different types of role-play that can be performed on webcam?

There are many types of domination and humiliation that can be performed on webcam. Here are some examples:


-Making the submissive kneel or stand in a submissive position
-Forcing the submissive to wear humiliating clothing or makeup
– Making the submissive perform sexual acts
-Verbal humiliation
-Degrading the submissive
-Painful or embarrassing physical sensations
– Forcing the submissive to watch you have sex with someone else


-Making the submissive do embarrassing things
-Forcing the submissive to wear embarrassing clothing
-Degrading the submissive
-Verbal humiliation
-spitting on the submissive
– urinating on the submissive
– making the submissive eat food off of your body
– making the submissive drink your urine
– making the submissive crawl on all fours


-Role playing
– Age play
-Taboo fantasies
– Fetishes
-Foot fetish
-Body worship
– Spanking


– Chef/server
– Master/slave
– Doctor/patient
– Police officer/suspect
– Boss/secretary
– Parent/child
– Stranger/lover

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